Civil War Re-enactments At Gibson Ranch Park

It’s been more than 150 years since one of the most important events in American History, the Civil War. And for more than 15 years, Gibson Ranch Park and the National Civil War Association have been proud to host one of the foremost Civil War re-enactments in the nation. Thousands of history buffs and students of the Story of America gather at the park every year to commemorate this solemn, yet intense, moment from our nation’s past.

Admission is $7 (children under 10 are free!)

What should I expect to see?

Epic Battles Right Before Your Eyes

When most people think of the Civil War they imagine famous battlefield scenes when the North fought the South over the future of the Union. Explosions of smoke blast over the countryside as brave young men yell “charge!” against their opponents. The hundreds of dedicated re-enactors who come to this yearly festival turn that imagination into a reality, with highly authentic period uniforms and weapons, including working cannons. You can watch as the soldiers and their horses simulate real battles in an exciting, fast-paced show.

The 19th Century Comes To Life

To truly understand the context of the battles, this great Civil War re-enactment also presents a whole fair’s worth of fascinating historical culture, including functioning soldier camps, period music performed live, and even speeches by President Abraham Lincoln. You can also take home some arts and crafts souvenirs from this fascinating time when our nation was at war with itself.

Close the Textbooks and Jump Into Reality

For many kids, getting to see this living slice of history in action will have a far greater impact than any textbook ever could. One of the goals of a historical re-enactment is to fire the imagination and an interest in history. Children taking part will be inspired to a lifelong curiosity for knowledge and study. Local schools often tie in a semester of learning about the era in preparation for this thrilling event.

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